Thomas Moore

Born in 1478 and died in 1535

He wore a big hat and it was based off his religion.

He joined the monastery and pursued a utopian lifestyle that he made up. He believed it was ideal but not realistic, he didn’t think that it would ever be possible with the times of KIng Henry the Vlll having such a barbaric society.

He was King Henry the Vlll’s old friend and counselor but he did not support the king after he tried to remarry because it didn’t go along with his religious beliefs.

This later costed him his life when his case was taken to court and he was found guilty of refusing the kings orders. he was beheaded and his his words are famous, “The King’s good servant, But Gods first.”

He is a prime example of civil disobedience because he stood up for what he believed in in a non violent way all the way till his death. This act also earned him sainthood.


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