John Kerry

John Kerry was born in Aurora Colorado on December 11, 1943

His father was a member of the Army Air corp.

John attended the university of yale where he majored in political science.

He is currently the senator of Massachusetts after former senator Edward M. Kennedy passed away. He is the 10th most senior senator.

He was the presidential nominee for the democratic party in 2004, but lost to George W. Bush who would serve for his second term.John Kerry is decorative Vietnam veteran and was a spokesperson for Vietnam veterans against the war. He publicly spoke out against the war and he received some criticism for that because some who served with Kerry said he was not the military man that Kerry said he was.

Before entering the Senate, he served as an assistant district attorney and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts under Michael Dukakis, who ran for President in 1988.

A catholic, Kerry was said to carry a rosary, a prayer book, and a St. Christopher medal (the patron saint of travelers) when he campaigned. However, while Kerry is personally against abortion, he supports a woman’s legal right to have one, which puts him at odds with the Catholic Church. Similar tension exists between the Church and several other Catholic national political figures.


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