Henry The Vlll

Henry The Vlll lived from 1491-1547

He was the King of England at age 17 and was incredibly popular.

He had six wives in his lifetime and was famous for cutting off their heads.

He was first married to Katherine of Aragon, who was his brothers widow, this kept ties with spain where Katherine was from.

Katherine kept conceiving babies for the king but she could never produce a male. King Henry was very upset by this so he fell in love with Anne Boleyn and decided to remarry.This act turned the religious world upside down because the government was mainly catholic based. The pope had a big problem with the king trying to remarry and henry later broke away from the church creating his own religion that didn’t involve the pope, it was called the church the of the Anglicans.

Henry consumed a lot of food each day that consisted of a 5,000 calorie diet. He was very overweight and may have caused him to actually be the problem of him not being able to have a son with his wives.



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